Spaghettoni Box (6 x 500g)

la tradizionale

8 min. / 500gr

Box of 6 packs (1 pack/500g) of Alica Spaghettoni produced with selected 100% Italian grains, bronze drawn at low temperature to keep intact all the nutritional values and healthy proteins of durum wheat. They go well with everything, but give their best in recipes that require the final creaming in a pan with a little cooking water.

Cooking Time
On our packages you will always find the cooking time, but in the kitchen, as in many other things, we advise you to follow your heart, not the clock. Pasta is like a feeling and it will be cooked when it is cooked, neither before nor after.

Cooking Tips

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Averages nutritional *

Energia1489 kJ (15% GDA)
Grassi1 g (1% GDA)
di cui saturi0,3 g (1% GDA)
Carboidrati70 g (23% GDA)
di cui zuccheri4 g (4% GDA)
Fibre3 g (10% GDA)
Proteine14 g (24% GDA)
Sale0,02 g (0% GDA)

*Referred to 100 g of product. GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) or the recommended daily reference values for an average adult.

Technical Info