A family link

In the early 1920s in Laurenzana, in the province of Potenza, Grandma Anna ran a small shop with the help of two of her thirteen sons, Rocco and Francesco, who sold directly to local farmers. In 1928, the shop became the "Michele Crisci" food wholesale, one of the largest in the south of Italy.

And then Pasta

Pasta arrived in 1999 and immediately became the favorite of many chefs, families and lovers of gourmet cuisine because of its undisputed quality.

Alica is Family

Today Alica is handled above all by Michele and Antonio, grandchildren of grandmother Anna: the first coordinates the entire sales network and takes care of the relationship with customers and suppliers, while Antonio supervises the whole production and deals with the selection of the best grains and relationships with farmers. If our Pasta is so good and sought after it is thanks to them