Specials & Organic

“all-Italian” artisan lines from top quality organic wheat and spelled grown in the Tavoliere delle Puglie and in Basilicata. The are bronw drawn and dried slowly and at a low temperature for overtwo days to have a healthy and good pasta.

Senatore Cappelli

Pasta Alica Senatore Cappelli is a line of artisanal pasta that comes from a selection of the best organic Senatore Cappelli wheat produced in Southern Italy. This wheat, considered the father of Italian durum wheat, thanks to its more digestible gluten, benefits for the body and its more persistent flavor, is the best choice when looking for a superior quality pasta that combines taste with the pleasure of good Italian artisan pasta.


Pasta Alica Biologica is a line of organic artisanal pasta that comes from a selection of the best Italian organic durum wheat grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is produced in Basilicata, a healthy land with good air and pristine water and is always bronze drawn. Pasta Alica Biologica is good Italian artisan pasta that respects people and the environment.


Pasta Alica Integrale is a line of artisanal pasta. It comes from whole Italian durum wheat semolina that does not undergo the refining process, i.e. all parts of the grain are ground so as to preserve the nutritional properties intact. Wholemeal pasta has a higher intake of fiber, a lower glycemic index and helps protect the body from type 2 diabetes and other diseases. All without giving up the taste and pleasure of good Italian artisan pasta.


Pasta Alica Farro is a line of artisanal pasta with 100% Italian spelled flour. This ancient cereal is a precious food for humans because it has exceptional nutritional properties: it is rich in proteins and fibers, antioxidants and vitamins especially of the B complex, and mineral salts. It has a low glycemic index, without peaks, and constant over time. Pasta Alica Farro is more digestible and retains all the flavor of good Italian artisan pasta.