Pasta is an all-italian emotion

In the southern part of Italy there is a bountiful land, ancient and yet youthful at the same time. Centuries ago, people traveling south called it the "Land of Light” and this is where our story begins. This is the Basilicata or, as we call it: Lucania.

an "all-Italian" artisan pasta

Pasta Alica comes from the best wheat grown above all in the "Tavoliere delle Puglie" and in Basilicata, harvested thanks to short supply chain projects that enhance the work of local farmers. We transform it into semolina using low grinding mills, and we work it with local water at max 25 degrees. And we have two lines: La Tradizionale, linked to the territory and its customs, and Le Speciali, which comes from organic wholemeal wheat, Senatore Cappelli wheat and spelt for an even healthier diet.

sustainable pasta

We work everyday to improve the whole production: from the procurement of wheat to a green plant powered above all by clean energy, up to innovative and sustainable packaging.