artisanal, italian

From selected 100% Italian grains, an artisanal bronze-drawn pasta is born, cold worked and dried at low temperatures to keep intact all the nutritional values and healthy proteins of durum wheat.

two lines, one traditional and one special

An "all-Italian" artisan pasta from first choice wheat grown in the "Tavoliere delle Puglie" and Basilicata. In addition to the traditional line, a series of organic products: Senatore Cappelli, wholemeal, and spelled enrich our range.


Extravirgin olive oil, Italian tomatoes, tuna, legumes... a selection of the best raw foods that perfectly match with our pasta, and make it even tastier.


And the cooking time? It's on the pack, yet with pasta, we recommend following the heart, not the clock. Taste the pasta before draining it, it will be cooked when it is cooked, neither before nor after.

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